Laterlite is an Italian company that manufactures and develops lightweight insulating products for construction, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, industrial uses, agriculture, and landscaping.

Laterlite history began in 1964 when first introduced lightweight expanded clay aggregates into Italy. Today we have four Italian manufacturing plants, main offices in Milan, and a network that covers all of Italy. Later on during the 1990s we expanded internationally; we now have a structured presence in France, Switzerland, and Spain and we export to more than 20 countries in five continents.

Our research and development from the beginning was focused on creating innovative products based on the material in which we specialise: expanded clay. Currently our range includes lightweight granular materials of various types, special concretes for structural applications, a range of screeds and mortars, and a wide selection of lightweight insulating blocks that are manufactured by our sister company Lecasistemi.

Over these 50 years we have produced and sold more than 50,000,000 cubic metres of expanded clay products: long experience that has made Laterlite the leader in its field, helping designers and construction professionals to choose lightweight insulating products for use in construction, sustainable renovation projects, and complex engineering projects.

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